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Drive Axle Replacement

The drive axle in your car is under constant stress.  While they are not the most common part to need replacement, they do go bad eventually.  Problems with your drive axle need to be handled fast before the part fails completely.  Weed Family Automotive has everything to get your drive axle fixed right, fast and without costing an arm and a leg.  If you notice any of the following while driving, bring your vehicle in for a check:

  • Repetitive Clicking Sound (Often While Turning)
  • Loose or Unresponsive Steering
  • Vibrations or Shaking in the Steering Wheel
  • Steering that Seems Unaligned with Wheels

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Weed Family Automotive
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Steven Heifetz
Steven Heifetz

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

Brought a car in for an oil change, and they handled it in a friendly, professional way. They have a good system for operating under social distancing procedures - call them, leave your key in the box near the door and pay online. It will be nice to do business face to face again, but in the meantime their system works well.